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----   What is this blog?

Now, some of you might be curious. "What does this blog actually do?" or "what's the point of this blog?". Well, from the name "BS23-Designs", meaning that this blog is a blog that contains all posts and works that I designed or created. They can be for games, crafts, programs, visual stuffs, and some other things like that. Sometimes, I also share other people works by posting them here.

Short version is that this is a place for my works.

----   About the menus!

Well, as I said before. I don't only work for one thing only. My works can be for games, crafts, etc. So, now I'm gonna explain the drop-down menus in my blog one-by-one.

  • HOME
Here, you can find the most updated, the newest, and the most fresh works that I have just made. Please note that the updates for the files I posted before, won't be posted again. Meaning that the old post won't go up like recent posts.

Here, you can get to know more about me. Here, you can also find more information about how the blog goes and some policies of the blog.

  • NEWS
In the News, you can find the news about my works, like which has been updated recently. But, if it's just a minor update, or not much that has been updated, I won't post it to the News. I will sometimes post also other "actual" news. Probably will talk more about gaming news.

This section is fully purposed only for better gaming experience. Don't be surprised if most of the games that I mod are old/retro games. Due that my computer is still old (low-spec) as well. Modding med-spec or high-spec games will be a challenge for me, so I don't mod them for the moment.

This is where I post pictures and wallpapers I edited that are meant for page covers in social media. Feel free to use it on your social media accounts,

Here, you can find all the works that I have done to make your desktop looks better and astonishing. Notice that my computer is a low-spec one. So, don't worry about minimum requirements because my PC itself can run them.

  • ART
This is for my arts. And probably you can find them all also at my DeviantArt page.

  • FONT
In here, you can get the fonts that I sometimes use for my works. Yes, they're not mine. And yes, I don't make fonts.

Some of you that might be interested on visual editing or game development, you can go to this section. I will teach everything I know about editing and modding through the tutorial section.

This is for all the photos that I have shot. They can be real, and they can also be digital photos. By digital photos, it can be in-game screenshots, 3D renders, or real photos that are edited or morphed.

Here, you can find the videos that I posted in Youtube. Well, not all of them. If it's just a preview of a mod or tutorial, I will post them to the mod or tutorial section. What I post in the Video section are animation videos, project trailers, and other things that are not a preview of my works.

----   Are there rules for this blog?

Of course!

But there aren't many rules. These are just simple rules that you need to follow when you're in my blog.

1. Don't reupload my works on other website (sharing is fine).
2. Don't edit the files that I provided here in the blog.
3. Don't edit (especially cropping) the pictures I post here in the blog.

If you find anyone who break those rules, contact me! ASAP!!!

Oh, and be sure to also read the Privacy Policy of my blog too, okay. ^^
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