PPSSPP Texture Modding Tutorial (for v1.3 and newer)

             In this post, I will show you how to mod PPSSPP v1.3 (for v1.2.2 or older, go here) and change the textures of it. First of all, thanks to けん ブレードハート who informed me about the update in v1.3, also all member in PPSSPP forums who helped in the development of PPSSPP.

             So, in this tutorial, I will use Gods Eater Burst for the game, but please note that this tutorial will also work for other PSP games too. So far, we haven't found any PSP games that doesn't work with this method.

- PPSSPP v1.3 emulator (Link)
- GIMP or Photoshop (I recommend to use GIMP tho, it's much easier, also open-source) (GIMP Link)

<> WHAT's the DIFFERENCE? <>
1. Unlike the previous method, you don't need to change the backend to Direct3D 9, it's also compatible with OpenGL. But still don't work for 64-bit version of PPSSPP.

2. It's far more easier than the previous since it doesn't need to change from RGB to BGR.

3. Now supports for Android version!  :D  Yay!

<> LET's BEGIN! <>
PC Version :

1. Go to a place in the game, where it contains the object that you want to export its textures and less objects you don't want to export. For example, I want to change the character's appearance. So, I go to the Character Preview. It will make it easier to find my character's textures when they're exported.

2. After that, save-state it.

3. Go to "Game Settings >> Tools >> Developer tools". And then at the Texture Replacement, tick the Save new textures.

4. Load-state the game. After you load-stated it, PPSSPP will dump all the textures at the current scene. Check the textures you dumped at "(installdir)\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES\ULUS10563\new".
*ULUS10563 is the game ID, it will be different for the other games

5. Delete the textures you don't want to edit, so it will save more space.

6. It's time for some editing! :D

7. At "(installdir)\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES\(gameID)", there should be a file named textures.ini. Open it, and below the [hashes], add hash codes of the textures you exported. They're on the filename of your textures.

8. Rename the texture files one-by-one and put the new filenames beside the hash codes.

9. Replace all the first 16 digits of the hash codes to zero. This will replace the other similar textures with different hashes in game.

10. Move all the edited textures from "(installdir)\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES\(gameID)\new" to "(installdir)\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES\(gameID)".

11. Save the ini file and start PPSSPP. Go to "Game Settings >> Tools >> Developer tools" and untick the Save new textures to prevent more dumping of the textures. Also tick the Replace textures so the original ones will be replaced.

12. AND YOU'RE FINISH!!! Congrats, you're now a modder!

Android Version :

             Actually it has the same method like the PC version. The difference is that the Android version dumps the textures at "sdcard\PSP\TEXTURES\(gameID)\new".

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  1. Kalo edit "Text" nya gimana ? Ane kaga nemu teksturnya

  2. PC --> Notepad
    Android --> ES File Editor
    Itu saran saya

  3. Cara supaya tahu kasih nama = 1_face.png gimana?

    1. "1_face.png" itu nama file tekstur yang kamu simpan
      Kalau kamu nyimpennya 2face.png ya isi "2face.png"

  4. How do we know to put the name of = 1_face.png?

  5. bang, ada testure yang mukanya mirip Lenka Utsugi gak? muka, mata, rambut, sama baju dan weaponnya kalo bisa heheheeee minta tolong donk bang 😅

    1. dah masuk list gua sih dari dulu, tapi blm sempet sampe sekarang xD

    2. kalo udah ada kabarin ya bang hehehehee makasih

  6. After finishing everything. Is it alright to delete the png files in the folder or does doing so revert the texture back?

    1. Nope, 'coz the pngs are actually resources. The system will only read the pngs, they won't import it into the iso nor anything else.

  7. some question.
    is it possible to make a big resolution? Ala HD?

  8. Thx for ur tutorial, 'cause now I can make something great :)