Gran Turismo PSP - BMW M3 GTR (NFSMW Paintjob Mod)

             This is a paintjob mod for the "Gran Turismo PSP" game. This mod will replace the BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01 with the classic Need for Speed Most Wanted's silver-blue M3 GTR. All 100 textures are edited by me and the total size of the mod is about 2 MB (compressed zip file). I have made 2 versions of the BMW. One with decals (to give more "race car"-style like NFS Shift), and the other one didn't use decals (classic style). Download links are available below.


With decals

No decals



<> VIDEO <>

- HQ Decals
- MQ Paintjob

1. The center part of the front bumper becomes white at long distance view (especially during replays). This bug occurs both on decal and non-decal version.

2. Decals are too bright / white.

- Ninja Ripper (Link)
- PPSSPP v1.2.2 emulator (I've tried the 1.3 version, somehow it doesn't work) (Link)
- uMod 1.x (I reccomend you to use v1 r44) (Link)

<> RULES <>
- Reuploading the mod rar is prohibited
- You may share the download or my blog link only, do not share the password
- Do not edit or use the files for your own projects without my permission

NFS BMW M3 GTR with decals v1.0  (+ English Tutorial) : Mediafire
NFS BMW M3 GTR no decals v1.0  (+ English Tutorial) : Mediafire


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to :
- Electronic Arts == owner of the Need for Speed series
- GIMP == for the image-editing app
- PPSSPP == for the PSP game emulator
- uMod Development Team == for the cool PC game modding tool
- Sony Computer Entertainment, Polyphony Digital == owner of the Gran Turismo PSP game
- YukiHerz == for the texture replacement tutorial, I would've never done this without the awesome tutorial (original tutorial here)
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  1. Awesome job. It looks so beautiful on nürburgring. Keep it up :D