Gods Eater Burst PSP - Alisa HD Retexture Mod

             This is a retexture mod for the "Gods Eater: Burst PSP" game. This mod will replace all Alisa's textures (excluding Alisa's God Arc and textures from that scene where Alisa is in the sick bay) with new high-res textures.



Don't mind Sakuya. She's drunk. xD

- HQ Hair, Outfit, God Arc Bracelet
- MQ Face Textures


            Side view                        Front View

1. It looks weird from a certain angle, but it looks normal if it's viewed from the front. Probably it's because of the 3D model, not from the textures. (This is unfixable for me).

2. Some of the facial expressions are not done yet. The face itself uses 5 textures or more (so far I have finished 4 of them).

3. Totally forgotten about this part. xD  I'll include this on the next version.

4. I also put the wrong readme file in the download. I'll fix this soon.

- Change the other remain face textures
- Added alternate outfit color (a more brighter and reddish color)
- Retextured hair and patient clothes from the "Sick Bay" cutscene

- Ninja Ripper (Link)
- PPSSPP v1.2.2 emulator (I've tried the 1.3 version, somehow it doesn't work) (Link)
- uMod 1.x (I reccomend you to use v1 r44) (Link)

<> RULES <>
- Reuploading the mod rar is prohibited
- You may share the download or my blog link only, do not share the password
- Do not edit or use the files for your own projects without my permission

Gods Eater Burst - Alisa HD Retexture v1.0  (+ English Tutorial) : Mediafire


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to :
- GIMP == for the image-editing app
- PPSSPP == for the PSP game emulator
- uMod Development Team == for the cool PC game modding tool
- D3 Publisher, Bandai Namco Games, Namco, Shift == owner of the Gods Eater Burst PSP game
- anano == I actually used anano's pattern texture for this mod (original skyrim mod by anano here)
- YukiHerz == for the texture replacement tutorial, I would've never done this without the awesome tutorial (original tutorial here)
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