Windows Theme - Asada Shino (1600x900 res)

             This pack includes a theme for Windows XP / 7 / 8 but optimized only for 1600x900 screen resolution. Lower or higher than 1600x900 might work, but not all features will work properly. Tutorial on how to install is included in the rar file.


- High-res quality wallpaper (works on lower or higher screen res)
- Custom Windows home button (works on lower or higher screen res)
- High-res model and widgets
- Animated model and widgets

- Customizer God (Link)
- Iron Man Rainmeter Skin (Link)
- MMD Desktop Mascot (Link)
- NW.js (Link)
- Rainmeter (Link)
- SAO Rainmeter Skin (Link)
- Sinon MMD Model (Link)
- System Animator (Link)

<> RULES <>
- Reuploading the theme rar is prohibited
- You may share the download or my blog link only, do not share the password
- Do not edit or use the files for your own projects without my permission

Sinon Windows Theme RAR (+ English Tutorial) : Mediafire
Tutorial in Bahasa : Mediafire


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to :
- A1 Pictures, Aniplex, Reki Kawahara == owner of the SAO series and all related characters
- AnimeThemeWidget == for the MMD Mascot Widget
- Door2Windows == for the Customizer God app
- Exede (from Deviantart), Anonym (from Pixiv) == for the vector that I used for the home button
- KurainoOni and NeonZed == for converting the Sinon model
- Rainmeter == for the desktop decoration app
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