Okay, I won't use "DLC" this time, because it caused a lot of misunderstanding in my post before. For this post, I will use Indonesian language, since it's only for the Indonesian God Eater players.

             Jadi, di post ini, mimin akan membagikan mod tekstur seragam GE Indonesian Branch, ama tulisan "Fenrir : Far East Branch" menjadi "Fenrir : Indonesian Branch". Tujuan mimin di sini adalah, jika mungkin agan membagikan screenshot atau mungkin video gameplay God Eater 2 agan, dengan mod tekstur ini orang-orang akan tahu kalau agan orang Indo. Biar Indonesia lebih terkenal :D

             It is actually, literally just a texture mod, but I somehow think that naming it "DLC" seems more fitting than "mod". xD   So this "DLC" includes (currently) 11 Data Packs. These Data Packs will replace some of the original clothes and original weapons (I dunno what are the names of those original clothes and weapons, due that they're in Japanese).

<> For the character creation, read this post. <>

             This is an ongoing HD project for God Eater 2 (PSP) Clean and also v1.30 patch. This includes a retexture pack for the game. Please notice that this project hasn't finished yet, so some textures are still original. If you want to take part in this project, you can contact me via Facebook or e-mail.

*Note : This pack doesn't include the shader, download the shader here.


(will be uploaded soon)

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